Supervision and Quality Control in the Concession SCUT Beira Interior

Supervision and quality control in the SCUT BEIRA INTERIOR


Location: Portugal
Date: June 2000/ February 2004
Contract Value: 576.000.000,00€


  • Supervision
  • Technical assistance
  • Quality control    

Main characteristics:

Supervision, technical assistance and quality control at the concession SCUT BEIRA INTERIOR, for ACESTRADA.

Road total extension – 126.5 km’s
Number of intersections: 20 uneven intersections

Artworks included:

  • Special Passages (overpasses and bridges) – 26
  • Superior Passages – 66
  • Inferior Passages – 31
  • Agricultural Passages – 76
  • Barracão Tunnel (600 m)
  • Ramela Tunnel (350 m)
  • Gardunha Tunnel 1A (1500 m – duplication)

Pavement: flexible type

Supervision and Quality Control to the project "POLIS" Vila Real

Supervision and quality control, Polis Vila Real

Client: Polis Vila Real, S.A
Location: Portugal
Date: January 2004/ November 2005
Contract Value: 5.200.000€


  • Supervision
  • Quality control
  • Safety and health coordination    

Main characteristics:

Providing quality control services, safety and health coordination and supervision of the contracts included within the intervention scope of “Polis de Vila Real”, for Polis Vila Real Society for the Development of the Polis Program in Vila Real, S.A., including requalification of the urban infrastructures in various areas of the city, as well as the construction of the Urban Park of Corgo.