Pavement Beneficiation of Highway A12 – Montijo/ Pinhal Novo (20 Km)

Improvement of the A12 pavement – Montijo/Pinhal Novo

Client: BRISA- Engenharia e Gestão, S.A.
Location: Montijo/ Pinhal Novo – Portugal
Date: April 2010/ June 2010
Contract Value: 1.200.000€


  • Pavement rehabilitation, detailed design, including technical specifications, map of quantities and work implementation plan 
  • Pavement continual visual survey (LVC) 
  • Pavement continual detailed “in situ”  visual survey
  • Rutting measurements 
  • Geotechnical investigation

Main characteristics:

Pavement rehabilitation detailed design of highway A12, between Montijo and Pinhal Novo. Pavement continual detailed visual "in situ" survey, includind the identification and classification of existing degradation and pathologies. Geotechnical investigation, including boreholes and pits as well as material characterisation tests. Rutting measurements.