Global Technical Assistance to the Costa de Prata, Beiras Litoral e Alta, Grande Porto and North Concessions

Global technical assistance to the ASCENDI concessions

Location: Portugal
Date: October 2009/ November 2012
Contract Value: 950.000€


  • Technical assistance 
  • Pavement monitoring 
  • Signalling monitoring 
  • Monitoring of walls and slopes 
  • Pavement beneficiation designs 
  • Elaboration of technical reports 
  • Accident audits 
  • Analysis of accident prone areas

Main characteristics:

Global technical assistance to the ASCENDI concessionaire, supporting the maintenance and operation works in the Costa da Prata, Beiras Litoral e Alta, Grande Porto and Norte concessions.
Development of slope supervision campaingns and creation of the slope management module.
Realization of Accident Audits as well as analysis of accident prone areas.
Elaboration of several pavement beneficiation designs.
Realization of several pavement monitoring campaigns, as well as of evaluation of the traffic signing and road marking.

Stabilization Project for the A17 Slope

Stabilization project of the A17 slope

Location: Aveiro - Portugal
Date: January 2010/ November 2010
Contract Value: 600.000 €


  • Geotechnical monitoring 
  • Development of the geological and geotechnical study 
  • Stabilization project for the slope 
  • Technical assistance for the work

Main characteristics:

Geological and geotechnical study and monitoring. Development of the stabilization project for the slope, with analysis of several solution-types and their economic viability. Technical assistance during the construction phase in reference to the proposed project solutions.