Evaluation of the A25 Functional and Structural Characteristics

Evaluation of the A25 functional and structural characteristics

Client: LUSITÂNIA – Construtora das Auto-Estradas das Beiras Litoral e Alta, A.C.E.
Location: Mangualde/ Fornos de Algodres Portugal
Date: September 2007/ January 2010
Contract Value: 600.000€


  • Project for the definition of pavement improvement solutions, including the areas where water passes through.
  • Pavement visual inspections
  • Geotechnical investigation
  • Pavement monitoring campaign.

Main characteristics:

Project for the definition of pavement improvement solutions. Characterisation of the water passages and determine improvement measures for correct drainage. Pavement visual inspection identifying exiting deterioration and pathologies. Rutting measurents, including FWD test, determination of IRI and evaluation of the continual thicknesses through geo-radar. Geotechnical investigation, including the execution of boreholes and pits, as well as testing for characterizing core materials.

Road Junction connecting "Cota 40" to the "Cota 200" Access Road

Supervision of the road network connection knot from the 40th quota to the 200th quota

Client: SREST - Transportation and Social Equipment Regional Secretariat (Regional Government of Madeira)

Location: Madeira Island - Portugal
Date: August 2005/ May 2007
Contract Value: 4.155.000 €


  • Supervision
  • Topographic Control
  • Geotechnical instrumentation analysis
  • Health and Safety Coordination

Main characteristics:

The study involved the supervision (including measurements, work balance and "as built" drawings), the geotechnical instrumentation analysis, as well as the cartography of the interior of the tunnel and the technical assistance for the definition of the interior support.

•    Road junction with a 500m lenght;
•    One tunnel with 130m;
•    A 90 meter long viaduct.