Stabilization Project for the A7 Slope

Stabilization project of the slope in the A7

Location: Mondim de Bastos - Portugal
Date: January 2010/ June 2010
Contract Value: 1 000 000 €


  • Geotechnical monitoring of landfill's displacement evolution; 
  • Stabilization project for the landfill;
  • Technical assistance for the work in progress.

Main characteristics:

Determining instrumentation required (inclinometers, strain gauges and topographic marks) and the interpretation of the collected data (from June 2007 until June 2009). Technical visits for monitoring situation and issuing the analysis reports. Technical assistance during the construction phase with admeasurement of the proposed projected solutions.

Beneficiation Project for the A29 Pavement

Improvement project of the A29 pavement

Client: ASCENDI – Concessão Costa de Prata
Location: Miramar - Maceda, Portugal
Date: January 2011/ April 2011
Contract Value: 1.000.000€


  • Execution project of the pavement beneficiation
  • Continual Visual Inspections
  • Rutting measurements
  • Geotechnical investigation

Main characteristics:

Execution project of the A12 pavement beneficiation, between Montijo and Pinhal Novo. Continual visual inspections, with the identification and classification of existing pavement deterioration and pathologies. Sounding tests, including FWD and IRI tests. Geotechnical investigation with escavation of boreholes and pits, as well as making material characterisation tests.