Structural and Functional Rehabilitation Project for the A25 Pavement

Structural and functional rehabilitation project of the A25 pavement

Client: LUSITANIA – Construtoras das Auto-Estradas das Beiras Litoral e Alta, A.C.E.
Location: Guarda/ Vilar Formoso–Portugal
Date: September 2007/ January 2010
Construction Value: 10.000.000€


  • Pavement structural and functional rehabilitation detailed design 
  • Pavement inspection and detailed "in situ" visual survey
  • Pavement monitoring campaign
  • Geotechnical investigation    

Main characteristics:

Pavement structural and functional rehabilitation detailed design of section 9 of the highway A25, between Guarda and Vilar Formoso, including map of quantites and provisional budget. Pavement visual inspection and detailed "in situ" visual survey with identification and classification of the pavement's existing pathologies. Pavement monitoring campaign, including platebearing tests with HWD, superficial and functional characteristics' survey (IRI and macro texture) and Geo-radar evaluation of the pavement thicknesses. Geotechnical investigation, including pits, boreholes and material characterisation tests.