IC32 - Coina/ Montijo (IP1) and IC3 - Montijo (IP1) / Alcochete Situation Analysis and Proposal of Solutions for the Pavement Beneficiation

Project for the IC32 pavement improvement – Coina/Montijo

Client: AEBT - Auto-Estradas do Baixo Tejo, S.A.
Location: Coina/ Montijo/ Alcochete – Portugal
Date: January 2010/ April 2011
Construction Value: 1.500.000€


  • Pavement situation analysis 
  • Pavement beneficiation detailed design  Pavement visual inspection and detailed "in situ" visual survey
  • Geotechnical investigation
  • pavement monitoring campaign

Main characteristics:

Detailed Design of the Pavement Beneficiation of IC32 and IC3, including written and drawn parts, map of quantities and provisional budget. Pavement visual inspection and detailed “in situ” visual survey, including the inventory and the classification of the existing pavement pathologies. Geotechnical investigation, including boreholes and pits, Penetrometer tests (PDL), as well as material characterisation tests. Pavement Monitoring Campaign, including the evaluation of the longitudinal roughness index (IRI) and the structural characterisation through HWD testing.