Inventory of Road Components for Estradas de Portugal S.A.

Inventory of the road components for the EP S.A.

Location: Braga, Vila Real, Aveiro, Coimbra, Santarém, Setúbal – Portugal
Date: March 2010/ June 2013
Contract Value: 35.000.000€


  • Inventory of road network infra-structural components
  • Inventory update

Main characteristics:

Road network inventory of its infra-structural components regarding areas under the jurisdiction of “Estradas de Portugal S.A.”, works included on the currrent conservation contract for the three annual period 2010/2013 in the districts of Braga, Vila Real, Aveiro, Coimbra, Santarém and Setúbal. Register the characteristics of the elements that constitute the existing equipments of the road, with the use of a Trimble GPS/PDA, and under a SIG/ system, Arcgismobile. Actualization of all data obtained in the initial phase that ended suffering some alterations.