Company Records

Escritórios ElsaMex

Social designation : Elsamex Portugal, Engineering and Management Systems, S.A.

Head office:
Praça de Alvalade nº 7 8º Drt.
1700-036 Lisboa, Portugal
Telephone : (+351) 219 108 880
Fax: (+351) 219 108 888

Mozambique delegation:
Av. Mártires de Inhaminga, nº170, 12ª Dto
Telephone: (+ 258) 213 05 397


Objectives of the company: consultancy, engineering, quality control, technical assistance, technology transference and provision of services in the areas of maintenance, exploration and infrastructure management systems, import, export and commercialization of products, technologies and patents for materials and constructive processes.

Collective Person number: 503 970 450

Social capital: 350.000,00 Euros

Executive Management:
Eduardo Mira Fernandes
Pedro Nascimento
Nuno Matos da Silva