Apresentação ElsaMex

ELSAMEX PORTUGAL is an engineering company dedicated to the provision of services in the area of consultancy, design, supervision, quality control, "project management", technical assistance and trade of technology of bitumen emulsions.

The company relies on a permanent technical staff with a vast professional experience in the acting areas in Portugal and on the support of the companies from the Group ELSAMEX and IL&FS, thus covering all the branches of engineering.

The primary goal and policy of the company is to provide rigor and excellence services to its clients, striving for innovation and seriousness.

The company gathers the necessary human and material means for:

  • the development of the quality control of civil construction works;
  • the provision of consultancy and support services concerning the operation of concessionaires;
  • the development of geotechnical, pavement and containment structures' studies;
  • the development of road management systems:
  • the development of inventories;
  • the transfer of technologies regarding bituminous emulsions.